Sometimes it just seems pointless. At least that is what my depression is telling me. Stuck in a hole not seeing a way out, forcing myself to write in hopes of finding a light.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this bad of a down cycle, as bad of a down cycle as post divorce was. I know it’s all chemical, I know it, but fuck me it’s bad. I keep waiting for the new meds to kick in but it’s not happening. I have to wait until Friday for a dr follow up. He wanted at least a week of me on the adjusted meds before he makes any more changes.

I can make it through work and get my stuff done, but they’ve noticed I am not nearly as engaged as I was prior to this down swing. I miss Jas, but.. fuck I don’t know.. I just can’t seem to function or think in any other but a minimal head space.



2 thoughts on “Darkness

    1. Wanted to say that I’m sorry for the slip in calling you Daddy and that I hope your follow up goes well.

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